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“The function of design is letting design function.” — Micha Commeren, designer

Many people ask our help in choosing the right display products for their upcoming exhibition. There is not one kind of the “right display system for an exhibition”, but a combination that fits your needs best. If you have a small booth I would strongly advice not to overload the booth with too many devices. Choose something elegant like pop up that can be used as a great background to your booth. A pop up device offers a huge visual that guarantees to attract attention. An addition of a roll up device will assist to emphasize a specific product or information you may have and want to stand out. It is very affective to place a counter that is branded and that carries the same line of graphics that the pop up and roll up devices has, since it helps in creating the impression of unity and brands you best in exhibitions. In small booths it is necessary to have big impression, so you must choose a little but choose wisely. It is important that even a simple device like a brochure stand will stand out. Choose something that not everyone has. Choose devices that will draw interest and attention. For example, we offer a brochure stand that has a zigzag shape that will surly draw eyes to your direction. All you have to do is to insure you have winning graphics and you are set to go. Good luck!

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