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Gjuhadol Tote Bag
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Gjuhadol Tote Bag


Gjuhadol St, is one of the oldest street of Shkodra City. Biggest…

Gjuhadol St, is one of the oldest street of Shkodra City. Biggest city in northern Albania, a city with the earliest signs of human activity can be traced back to the Bronze Age.

According to the researcher Willy Kamsi, microtoponomy come from Gluho dol – deaf stream, a remnant of Slavic origin since the Middle Ages. First name first in the documents and written in 1371 in Gluchidol form, in 1446 Glucodol, Cluchidol, Gluchida Gluchido … Gluchidoch in 1444.

According to Gjon Sheldi’s historical notes, he is mentioned early in the history of history,initially as a fertile field. In 1610 Regenes of Venice writes that when they were looking for a wafer at the Rrëmaj, they passed through the Field of Gjuhadoli (“Passava per la fertile compagna di Glucadoli”).

Urban legends say that a priest had to go to a village near Shkodra (somewhere near todays Gjuhadol). Since it was summer and he was thirsty and tired from walking the long distance, people started to call the neirgborhood “Gjuhadol,” the place where my tongue got out.


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